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Yellow Fluorite w/ Calcite & Pyrite


Gemmy yellow fluorite cubes with sparkly clear calcite and bits of pyrite druzy from Morocco.

Yellow fluorite resonates with the solar plexus, helping to increase creativity & self-confidence while easing worries & stress. It's known as a stone of prosperity that can help you manifest abundance.

Clear calcite is a powerful healer that unblocks all chakras & amplifies energy & intentions.

The addition of pyrite makes this stone an extra amazing piece to help manifest abundance & wealth. Place in the "wealth corner" (farthest back left) of your home or anywhere you'd like to put an abundance altar & set the intention of attracting money, a new job, clients or whatever wealth means to you.

This stone is cleansing to all chakras, especially the solar plexus.

(approx. 3.5" 14oz)