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Terminated Quartz Chakra Bracelet


Double-Terminated Clear Quartz energizes & strengthens the vibration of each crystal in this chakra balancing bracelet.

Each stone resonates with a specific chakra energy point.

Garnet ROOT protection, grounding, strength
Orange Calcite SACRAL motivation, soul purpose
Citrine SOLAR PLEXUS abundance, self confidence 
Rose Quartz HEART love, trust, emotional healing
Amazonite HEART hope, anti-anxiety, self esteem, boundaries, balance
Blue Apatite THROAT / THIRD EYE communication, spiritual guidance
Amethyst THIRD EYE / CROWN protection, cleansing, intuition
Clear Quartz CROWN energizing, clarity, intuition
Selenite CROWN calming, cleansing, purifying

100% natural high quality, high vibration gemstones not treated in any way.

Handmade with love & healing energy in California.


size 6.5" (small)


Please double check for sizing & reach out if you’d like a custom size.

*We use durable double stretch cord with our bracelets, but as with all stretch bracelets, take extra care when sliding over hand & wrist to not over stretch.