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Selenite Hearts


Selenite is a powerful celestial stone with bright, uplifting energy that will instantly elevate your mood & space.

These selenite hearts are extra great for clearing out issues relating to the heart, such as emotions stemming from a toxic relationship or any stuck energy where you may need to keep your heart open instead of closing it off.

You can use a selenite heart to:

- clear negativity & move stagnant or stuck energy

- raise your vibration by bringing in pure light energy

- cleanse your space & charge other crystals

These small polished selenite hearts are a perfect size to keep with you in a pocket or bag and the larger size is nice to keep nearby on your desk, nightstand or alter.

Selenite can be used anytime you want to reset or when you feel stuck or like you can't move past something.

* Selenite is known to be self-cleansing. You can always cleanse it extra with sage or whatever you want, but since it's soft & absorbent, avoid getting it wet!

Listing is for 1 selenite heart, choose between small & large