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Energy Cleansing Selenite Sphere


Glowing selenite sphere that literally looks like the moon. Its bright, uplifting energy will elevate your mood & space.

Selenite is a powerful celestial stone connected to the Greek moon goddess Selene.

Selenite helps clear negativity and move stagnant or stuck energy. Raises vibration by bringing in pure light. Excellent for cleansing your space & charging other crystals.

Refresh. Restart. Renew.

Can be used anytime you want to reset or when you feel stuck or like you can't move past something. 

Tips: You can try doing a cleansing ritual before bed to help wash away any residual stuff leftover from the day. i.e. emotions or thoughts, words or other peoples energy, etc. Wave the sphere all around your body. Do what feels right for you.

Perfect to keep nearby on your nightstand or alter, or to use in crystal grid work.

Selenite is known to be self-cleansing but personally I still like to cleanse with sage sometimes. Also being a soft & absorbent stone it's best to avoid getting it wet to keep its sparkly shine.

(approx 3")

Listing is for 1 selenite sphere