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Chakra Balancing Gemstone Bracelet


Clear, activate & balance your chakras with a crystal gemstone stretch bracelet.

Each stone resonates with a specific chakra energy point.

Garnet ROOT protection, grounding, strength
Orange Calcite SACRAL motivation, soul purpose
Citrine SOLAR PLEXUS abundance, self-confidence
Rose Quartz HEART love, trust, emotional healing
Blue Apatite THROAT / THIRD EYE communication, spiritual guidance
Amethyst THIRD EYE / CROWN protection, cleansing, intuition
Clear Quartz CROWN energizing, clarity, intuition

100% natural high quality, high vibration gemstones not treated in any way.

Handmade with love & healing energy in California.

size 7" (med)


Please double check for sizing & reach out if you’d like a custom size.

*We use durable double stretch cord with our bracelets, but as with all stretch bracelets, take extra care when sliding over hand & wrist to not over stretch.