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Welcome to the launch of Earth Arsenal, a metaphysical specialty shop for empaths, healers & anyone who just loves rocks & stones! My name is Victoria and I'd love to connect you to amazing crystals and share some of my favorite things I've been learning about with you on this EA Blog. I want to start by sharing a bit about the mission of the shop & what types of things you can expect to see in both the shop & in the blog.


What is the mission of Earth Arsenal?

The mission of Earth Arsenal is to provide tangible tools like crystals & burnables for energy work and to help empower people to heal themselves.


What kinds of things will be shared on the EA Blog?

The EA Blog will be sharing weekly posts about crystals & minerals, energy healing & self-care. You'll be able to find information on featured stones and their specific healing properties, tips for energetic hygiene, interviews with healers, intuitives and anyone that can teach us something awesome about crystals, the Earth, plants, healing or metaphysics.


What is the inspiration behind Earth Arsenal?

Earth Arsenal was inspired by my own connection, love & admiration for crystals, the natural & spiritual world, and a desire to share this & connect with others. Crystals & energy work have literally helped me through some of the toughest times, including my mom passing, narcissistic / codependent relationships and a cancer diagnosis. My relationships with stones have helped me to understand & hone in my own energy, my home frequency, and helped me when I felt lost, and at my lowest, stuck in fear & anxiety. I use stones & various methods of cleansing & grounding daily and as a highly sensitive person, these practices have made my life so much more manageable & enjoyable.


What can crystals really do for you?

Crystals can help you get in touch with yourself, process emotions and tune-in to your intuition. Depending on the crystal & its specific energetic frequency & vibration it can alter your own vibration & help shift your energy. Crystals can help you feel calm or uplifted all depending on the crystal! Crystals such as quartz & hematite can raise & protect your vibration. Whether you need to stay grounded, want some inspiration or are hoping to call on guides in other realms, there’s a crystal for that! They can help with your mood & energy levels, help you focus on certain goals or aspects of yourself. They can help inspire you and help manifest your dreams. Crystals are literal magic!


What are some of the other tools & practices you can find in the Earth Arsenal shop & EA Blog?

At Earth Arsenal you can find tools like California White Sage, Hawaiian Vetiver & Selenite that can clear your personal space and energy. In the very near future we will also be offering flower essences and aromatherapy candles. On the EA Blog we'll be sharing posts about energy cleansing & grounding methods.


What are my hopes & goals for the shop & blog?

My hope is that through Earth Arsenal I can connect people to crystals that are meant for them & to offer a growing variety of healing tools that can help open peoples hearts & raise their vibration. Overall I want to help make living on Earth not only more bearable, but more peaceful & magical!

Comments on this post (3)

  • Aug 20, 2020

    Congratulations on the launch of your site! I hope many people find the site and are helped by it and you.

    — Gary Robinson

  • Jul 16, 2020

    Hello Victoria!

    Congratulations on the opening of Earth Arsenal, a name ideally suited btw! As someone who personally knows you, I couldn’t be more ecstatic with this new song 🎵 in your life. I am especially eager for your blog as you are an insanely talented writer, researcher, and one who has walked the path to healing. May you bless and heal those who come across you. And attract abundance in all areas of your life!!! Your light is pure & authentic and your friendship one of my favorites.

    Many Blessings, Kimberly J.
    Guidance_with_Grace 💜

    — Kimberly Rhodes

  • Jul 05, 2020

    Hello, this is awesome! Congrats :)

    — Larry Corbi

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