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So we all know crystals are beautiful but are they really anything more than that? Energy cleansing, raising vibration, helping with personal problems & healing illnesses? Is all that seriously possible? 


What Are Crystals Really?

Crystals are much like us & everything else in the world, in that they are made up of energy. They each have their own energetic frequency that they vibrate at and emit all around them. I’ve heard a lot of people say to think of them as little batteries & I think that’s a pretty good analogy… but really they are way more than that.

Would you think of your human or animal friends as a battery? That’s the thing, crystals are more than just an inanimate object. Scientifically they are formed from various elements and molecules like silicon, oxygen, carbon, iron etc. arranged in specific chemical compositions. But energetically they are like happy little heart beats that can help bring you out of a funk & completely change an off-day. They make awesome friends in their own right, who are not only there to support you when you’re down but also to help you grow into your best self. They are alive like the Earth. They have a spirit. They have messages & can have an entire conversation with you, much like plants, if you’re open to listening. 

There are so many similarities between crystals and plants. Different vibrations, different medicine, but still the incredible ability to speak to us, lift us up and heal us on so many levels. (More on all that another day!)

What Exactly Do We Mean By Energy?

Crystal energy. Healing energy. Spiritual energy. It’s all just energy. 

Pretty much all different names for the same thing. Vibrational frequencies. Tiny electrical impulses moving all around us. Atoms. Electrons. Ancient knowledge from the Earth, ready & waiting to show us what’s up whenever we’re ready. 

There are a lot of different levels & types of energy exchange. Not all energy is created equal. Think of things as simple as giving or receiving a smile, a wave, words, loving words vs angry words, loving touch vs abusive touch etc. These are all just some examples of a spectrum of energy exchange, because something happens right? You can feel it. There’s a movement, an action & reaction, a shift in energy. 

You know Einstein’s famous, “energy cannot be created or destroyed”, it just changes forms, changes hands. Whenever you might feel a shift in your emotions, a shift in how you’re feeling, you can bet there has been some type of energy exchange. 

Sometimes a shift in energy may be so slight it’s undetectable to most. But if you’re here reading this far into this post, most likely you are a sensitive human who absolutely would feel a shift in energy walking into a room, after hanging out with someone, or maybe you can even tell how someone is feeling before you even speak to them. This is all seeing, feeling & reading energy.

The thing is that the more you can tune into your own energy, your own home frequency, the easier it will be to recognize a shift. You’ll be able to tell the difference between what’s yours and what (energy) you may have picked up from someone else throughout the day. With practice you will be able to strengthen your aura (which is basically your protective energetic bubble) and keep out or at least detect any unwanted energies that may be hanging out. 

When we talk about energy in terms of crystals, it’s basically the same thing. Crystals vibrate at their own frequencies & that has an effect on ours. 

So How Do Crystals Really Work?

Crystals all resonate at particular vibrational frequencies. Depending on the type of crystal, they help to absorb, regulate, transform &/or transmute vibrational energy.

If you pick up a high vibration crystal such as Quartz, it will affect your own frequency. The degree of its effect will depend on what frequency you are currently at, as well as your perception & sensitivity to seeing & feeling the energetic shift.


grounding crysals

How Do Crystals Speak To Us?

Certain crystals may speak louder to you than others. Just like how we are all different, so are all crystals. That’s why it feels so good finding the right crystal… you just know. It’s an intuitive feeling!

Typically if you are drawn to a certain crystal you will find out that it’s the right match to help you with something you may be going through. When I first started getting into crystals & energy work I was shocked at how accurately I’d walk into a crystal shop, pick out a few stones I knew nothing about, would look them up and bam… wow exactly what I needed. Typically for me it was super grounding stones, like Garnet, Hematite & Black Tourmaline, as I needed to do some major root chakra work. Not only did I used to be constantly ungrounded, but also unconsciously out of body, mainly due to having no energetic boundaries & being an empathic sponge for other people to dump their crap on.


Crystals basically speak to us through telepathy & intuition. All those random thoughts that may come up when you’re with your crystal… Did you just suddenly figure out all the solutions to your problems or is that your crystal speaking to you & giving you tips? Keep that in mind next time you’re meditating or hanging out with your crystals. It’s similar to asking spirit, guides, ancestors or God for guidance. They speak the same language. 

What Can Crystals Help With?

Crystals have tons of energetic & spiritual healing properties. Crystals can help you get in touch with your true highest self. They can help you process emotions and tune-in to your intuition. Crystals can help you focus on certain goals or aspects of yourself, and they can help inspire you and keep you on track while you manifest your dreams.

Depending on the crystal & its specific energetic frequency & vibration it can alter your own vibration & help shift your energy and mood. Crystals can help you feel calm or uplifted all depending on which crystal.

For example, if you are feeling a rush of energy such as an emotion, like sadness or anger, certain crystals can help absorb some of that energy and transmute it, relieving you of the energetic burden. i.e. now you can stop whatever you’re doing in the moment, calm down, step back & take another breath, where maybe without the crystal you may have spiraled downwards into negativity.

Or as another example, if you’re feeling low energy or distracted, there’s a whole other set of crystals that can help give you a boost of energy or help you focus & concentrate.

Crystals are also known to help with literal physical ailments & correspond with specific organs and parts of the body. One example I always think of that’s easy to remember is Calcite, which is said to help increase calcium absorption, helping with bone & teeth issues. Bloodstone is known as a blood purifier that increases blood flow and helps with issues like anemia. Copper is said to be good for arthritis & brings energy & movement to the joints.

Most crystals have a huge list of healing properties and it’s best to go with whatever feels right to you. As always, natural healing & crystal healing works in a holistic way, best used in combination with lifestyle, diet, physical, mental, spiritual, & emotional therapies. Crystals are not intended to be a cure-all or replacement to seeing a doctor.



Which Crystals Help With What?

There are hundreds of crystals & minerals all with lots of various healing properties. If you search online you will no doubt find tons of information out there and many different crystals may be listed as healing the same ailment. That’s okay! Just pick the ones that resonate the most with you.

A good rule of thumb is to go with something light & high vibe like Clear Quartz, Selenite or Calcite to lift you up when you’re down, and darker more grounding stones like Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Tigers Eye (anything that resonates w first 3 chakras) to help bring you back to Earth, back to center, if you are too spacey or stuck in your head.

Using the chakra system is super helpful when working with crystals because it can help guide you to see which crystals are best for opening up & unblocking whichever energy centers are causing issues in your body. 

How Can You Use Crystals?

It’s easy to incorporate crystal healing into your daily life. You can simply keep a calming & cleansing stone like Selenite on your nightstand to help keep away any negative energy while you sleep. You can keep some Clear Quartz on your desk to help with focus. You can call in more abundance by putting some Citrine in the wealth corner of your room or house. If you have a meditation or yoga practice you can incorporate crystals by simply holding a palm stone during meditation or keeping your favorite crystal by your yoga mat. You can try adding water-safe crystals (with a hardness above 5), like Rose Quartz or Amethyst to your next bath. You can even infuse your drinking water or water for your plants with these same crystals. 

Personally I like having crystals with and around me pretty much at all times. It depends on the day and what I’m doing but even when I’m out running errands I’ll have a crystal or two in my pocket or purse, typically some type of Quartz. I use Selenite frequently to cleanse & I like to have stones like Labradorite around when I’m journaling or wanting to be creative. Another favorite & super easy way to bring crystal energy into your life is by wearing crystal jewelry, which is in the works for the shop!

I would love to hear any of your crystal healing stories or questions in the comments below! 💜👇🏼✨

How do you use crystals? Have they helped you?


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